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About Us

Our Story
About Us

Our Story


It was 2018. Myriam, a Lebanese economist with a penchant for fashion had just said ‘i Do’ to her Colombian husband and was moving to his home, a country that she had already fallen in love with its gorgeous and exotic culture and unique sense of style. Leaving Lebanon proved challenging for Myriam as she missed her family & culture. She wanted to build a bridge between Latin America and the middle east so she could be present in both regions where her heart belongs but still did not know how. Starting to explore Colombia and its beauty, attending fashion events and expos, Myriam was impressed by the talent of the local designers, their unique and exotic treasures that echoed the joyful spirit of Latin America, and fell in love with each piece she saw. She also started noticing how her Colombian friends get dressed, especially her sister-in-law, Ana Maria who amazed her with every piece that she wears from jewelry to bags to clothes, all made locally. Myriam wanted to buy all these pieces and It was there when she got the idea! Her fellow middle easterners would be as elated as her if only there was a marketplace that could grant them access to all these unique Latin American treasures. Myriam shared the idea with Ana Maria, an international affair expert, and a fashion advocate, and asked her to partner with her to make this dream big!


After months of researching, Both Myriam & Ana Maria noticed that Latin American Fashion is making a mark in the industry, however, they still lack presence in other regions like Asia. And so they wondered, would the designers be interested in exploring a new market that they do not know? They Started pitching designers about the project and it was remarkable when they started to receive incredibly positive feedback from most of the designers, thanking them for the chance to showcase their products in a market that they absolutely have no idea about yet extremely excited to explore. On the Other Hand, Myriam was testing the ground in the Middle East, talking to friends and family in and outside of the fashion industry, getting Data about what a middle eastern woman would think about Latin Fashion. And YES, they were as thrilled as her to be able to reach these beautiful designs of Latin America in one click. At the end, who does not like to have a happy exotic yet elegant touch in their outfit?.


Both Myriam and Ana Maria believed in chasing their dream and making this project happen, and so they created The Latin label, the first platform that showcases Latin American fashion to the World The Lebanese and the Colombian constitute a perfect match à la yin and yang that makes the business thrive, building a new path between Latin America’s best and brightest talent and the world's taste for luxury fashion and unique pieces